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doodlealldayy on display

It's always incredible to get the opportunity to share my work in solo and group shows. Below, please find a few highlights from past shows where I've been lucky enough to showcase my work in the past few years.

Want Doodlealldayy to Show Somewhere?

I'd love to hear about more opportunities to share my work! Please feel free to send me a message or application link if you'd like to see my work displayed somewhere.

SMUSH Gallery Zero to 80 Show

This group show was my first in Jersey City. Considered an "affordable art show," each hung piece was sold for $70 or less. Shows like this are so important to me, as they emphasize the fact that art should be accessible to everyone.

First Solo Show
at Squirrel's Nest Art Studio

My first solo show was displayed at the Squirrel's Nest Art Studio in Woodstown, NJ in October of 2022. I hung 44 original pieces and prints for the duration of the month, becoming the first artist to show in this space that has since been home to dozens of art shows.

Journal Square Commuter Gallery Group Show

This group show was curated by Athena Toledo in the fall of 2022. Twenty five local artists were asked to hang work in a commuter gallery located at the Journal Square PATH Station. I had three pieces in this show, including this original 8x8 collage on mat. 

heART ATTACK Showcase at Film Factory JC

In February of 2023, I displayed my work at Film Factory JC during an artist showcase. This showcase featured artists from the tri-state area, as well as live painting. I was determined to create several new pieces for this opportunity, and was able to debut new multi-media canvases and collages at this showcase.

Februa Artist Showcase At Irma's

A local restaurant in my neighborhood started monthly art shows in 2023. In February of 2023, I got the chance to hang about a dozen of my collages for the month, celebrating with an opening reception.

Hoboken Art Walk

I was invited to participate in the Hoboken Through the Windows Art Walk in the summer of 2023. For about 6 weeks, businesses all over Hoboken allowed local artists to display their work in their windows as free marketing for the incredible artists we have based in Hudson county. I displayed three of my pieces at a dog groomer, and was so grateful for the opportunity.

SMUSH Gallery Zero to 90 Show

Another year, another affordable art show at SMUSH Gallery. I got the chance to hang an original collage for the Zero to 90 show and attend the closing reception in June 2023.


3rd Annual Art of Femme Showcase

Brooklyn Art Cave

March 29th

Solo Show at Squirrel's Nest Art Studio

Woodstown, NJ

October 5th

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