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about me

My name is Mikaela Simon, and I am the artist behind Doodlealldayy. Doodlealldayy was established in 2017, when I needed a way to avoid doing my college coursework. Starting as a platform for me to share my art with friends and family, it has grown into a shop and virtual gallery of sorts, with an Etsy page and a reach far beyond my wildest dreams. I have always used art as my primary tool of self-expression, and although my mediums and styles have changed through the years, I have never lost sight of my mission--to be constantly creating. 
I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio as much as I've enjoyed creating it.
My commissions are always open. I love to be challenged by new and exciting projects. If you feel like my style matches what you're looking for, please feel free to reach out. 
On Etsy, I sell prints, stickers, tote bags, and more. Follow the link below to visit my shop.

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